Three Best Cannabis Strains to Grow in Australia

Three Best Cannabis Strains To Grow In Australia

Here are the three Best Cannabis Strains To Grow In Australia. If you live in Australia, you’ll need to find marijuana that will grow perfectly in your climate. And you’re in luck, because we have found the three best strains for Aussies to buy.

The Third Place Weed Seeds Aussies Love

White Shark Feminsed is a great strain to grow in Australia. She’s complex in flavor with top notch terps, so if you want to grow something tasty and unique, you’ll have a harvest you can be proud to share. This third placer grows well outdoors in Australia and has a clean high that keeps you positive and sociable. A great strain for commercial grows and parties.

Third best cannabis strain to grow in Australia


The Second Most Popular Weed Aussies Love To Grow

Mexican sativa feminised is the second best choice for Australians that want to grow a strong plant without being couchlocked. Mexican sativa grows easily in Mexico and the Australian Bush. So if you enjoy soaring new high’s and a pest resistant crop, you’ll love our Mexican cannabis. She even has some African into her mix to deal with those nasty droughts. So be aware these little seeds will need some extra time to pop up and maybe a heating pad to replicate those hot African summers. Don’t let your seeds dry out, keep them moist. Their DNA has a protective shell in case the rain occurs in dry season. They really have to get wet to pop up, it’s nature way to protect their lineage by not dying out from a one time rain when its not grow season.

second place cannabis strain to grow in Australia

The Number One Cannabis Strain For Aussies

Australian Blues is the number one strain that Aussies love the most. It’s a stoic strain that can take a beating and keep standing. So if you want your plants to survive the season, you must seriously consider buying Aussie Blues. You don’t need to sacrifice anything, this strain is fruity and so yummy, you’ll need to pace yourslef because it doesn’t take much to reach the Ultimate high.

Number one cannabis strain to grow in Australia

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